Who We Are

Enhancing awareness of water conservation

​We’re a team of experts with the common goal of developing innovative solutions for treating and recycling byproduct water from oil and gas operations.

Speech in QatarOur team is comprised of experienced scientists and engineers with the objective of evaluating state of the art technologies to treat and recycle byproduct water from oil and gas operations. A critical element of any water or wastewater treatment process in this industry is the desalination of high salinity waters and produced water. The team also applies its desalination expertise to the municipal water supply market to develop cost-effective ways of delivering fresh water for potable and non-potable water applications.

The GWSC also serves to enhance awareness of water conservation in the State of Qatar. The center includes a 300 square-meter visitor center with interactive, hands-on exhibits to educate local school children and other members of the public about methods to conserve water in the home and workplace.

The Center is located at Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) in Doha.