Our programs focus on applying advanced technologies to develop innovative solutions for:

  • Treatment of produced water from the oil and gas industry.
  • Desalination of high salinity brines.
  • Recycling industrial wastewater.
  • Water quality analyses.

Produced Water Management

Oil and natural gas reservoirs frequently contain a large amount of formation water that comes to the surface along with the oil or natural gas. Furthermore, the processing of the oil or gas generates additional wastewater. Produced water is not fresh water; it is usually highly saline and may contain hydrocarbons or minerals from the reservoir. With mounting pressures worldwide on water quality and supply issues, treating these wastewaters is an opportunity for the petroleum industry to demonstrate leadership in water conservation and recycling.

The ConocoPhillips Global Water Sustainability Center has a comprehensive program on the characterization, treatment, reuse and disposal of produced water from oil and gas production and processing plants with an emphasis on the Middle East region. The team has recently evaluated a novel application of forward osmosis, as an “osmotic concentration” process, to reduce produced and process water disposal volumes in an enviromentally sustainable manner.